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Salar De Uyuni at sundown
Isla Inchuasi
This island in the middle of the Salar De Uyuni salt flats is covered in huge cacti.
Hovering islands
Air inversion layers create the impression of the hills floating on the hirizon
Cloud burst
In the middle of the day with the clear air at approximately 4000 m above sea level, the air was very clear and blue. The temperature was about zero but the sun provided a sort of warmth.
Late afternoon on the Salar
Bolivian fantasy
Well, there was a hat and a cape and then we found a model. Amazing what you will find !
Coral forest
Along the road we came across this "stone forest" which turned out to be an ancient coral forest. At some stage this was below sea level but now was over 3,500m above sea level. There were even petrified trees incorporated into the coral.
Volcano #1
One of hundreds of volcanoes littered throughout the Alto Plano landscape. This must have been a very volatile area at one stage.
Flamingos at the Laguna Coronado
This lake at 4000 m did not freeze due to the high mineral content giving it the name "red Lake". There were several coloured lake s, each with their own variety of Flamingo
High desert
The Alto Plano region is one of the highest plateaus in the world at 4000 - 5000m above sea level. Cold, with very thin air, it was a challenge for the week we were there.
High Desert plain
Apart from the incredibly dominant volcano mountains, there were rolling deserts of dirt and gravel, no plant life to be seen.
Laguna Coronado (Red Lake)
Dawn provided an incredible blaze of colour . Flamingos in the foreground
Reflections in the red lake
Mud Pools
Although most volcanoes in Bolivia are classified as extinct, when standing near these pools of boiling mud and geysers, it was not hard to believe you were in the bowl of a volcano.
In the middle of nowhere.....
Sweeping mountain by the Green Lake
Laguna Verde (green Lake) is evidently coloured by arsenic and other salts thus not much wildlife.
Approaching storm
It was very cold and windy, sometimes difficulty to stand let alone take photos. We often expected to be drenched with approaching storms but the clouds kept to themselves and merely provided the floorshow.
Valley of the Moon
Just across the border into Chile this amazing landscape just waiting to be seen.
Train Line
This is the main train live between Bolivia and Chile. Clearly well used, the engineering was more than a bit dodgy.
Salar De Uyuni at sundown Isla Inchuasi Hovering islands Cloud burst Late afternoon on the Salar Bolivian fantasy Coral forest Volcano #1 Flamingos at the Laguna Coronado High desert High Desert plain Laguna Coronado (Red Lake) Reflections in the red lake Mud Pools In the middle of nowhere..... Sweeping mountain by the Green Lake Approaching storm Valley of the Moon Train Line
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